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April 28, 2024 Update

This is the first update of this blog! I plan on using this site to post updates about my videos, their progress, other things relevant to their production, and maybe an occasional unrelated thing if I think its neat enough.

I should probably address the elephant in the room at this point, the date on this post is probably at least several weeks before you are reading this. That is because I am writing this as something of a test post, I need to make sure I can implement blogposts to this blog site before it goes live. I plan on having a more substantial update post released closer to this blog's launch because if it releases without that it kinda kills the point of the endeavor aside from being a neat excuse to attempt to learn HTML. Hopefully that post is up when you are reading this, so please read that instead because thats where all the good shit is (probably, again, I have not written it yet).

That just about wraps up all I have to say here. The following is a file I used to test the ability to attach them to a blogpost, you can ignore it if you like.

That concludes this post, stay tuned for more updates!