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Do YOU want to watch my videos without leaving this site? Well with this page you can. Every video I have made for Grady Productions can be watched from here. Unfortunately, they're YouTube embeds because NeoCities makes you pay them money to upload videos, and as much as I love all 4 people who watch my shit, I do not love them enough to make their experience slightly better for $5 a month. Sorry, thats the way the cookie crumbles (specifically your cookies because Google loves using them).

Now, you might be thinking: "Isn't it kind of inaccurate to refer to this as an archive when all of the content is being hosted on an entirely seperate website that can strike these videos down on a whim?". You'd be correct, but I'll be taken out back and SHOT before I refer to this as a "repository", so we're both gonna have to just deal with it.

Crazy Crossovers