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June 15, 2024 Update

I finally graduated high school a week ago.

Some of you may be aware that my channel was originally created to share projects I created in my video production class. So it felt neccesary to share an update explaining how this will effect this channel's future; or more accurately, how it won't

I have come to really enjoy making videos and want to continue going forward. In fact, I will probably be spending more time on them over the next couple months since I'll have more free time

I have always made all my videos on my own laptop and kept all my files on a personal drive, not my school account that I lose access to soon. I also made sure to buy a microphone a couple months ago so I also have all the equipment needed to make my videos.

It may seem weird to make an update to just share that nothing will change but I felt it was neccesary to assure that my graduation will not impact this channel