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May 3, 2024 Update

So I actually took to HTML a lot quicker than I was expecting so I'm preparing another update far sooner than I previously expected.

I have yet to actually publicly disclose what my next video series is so I am going to announce here that my next series is Rare Retrospective, a multi-part series about the history and games of game developer Rare Ltd.

Some of you may think this is an odd choice of subject matter, if you are one of those people, I'm sorry. I could say that you should just watch it because it would likely win you over, but I'm not that confident in my work and also it is going to be a long series so I doubt that is a time investment you would want to make either.

It might seem weird to make a series on a topic you know a significant portion of your audience won't be interested in, but please understand that I make videos for myself first and foremost. I try to make things that people will enjoy, but ultimately, if one topic draws my interest more than most others, I will pursue that.

With that being said, I am still making the videos in a way so that if you know nothing about Rare, you will not be lost, and will hopefully enjoy it. In some ways, it might actually be better to go into this not knowing whats to come.

I plan on covering every game developed by Rare, this comes with some exceptions though. I will be using my own discretion when it comes to ports/re-releases/remasters of their games; if its interesting and different enough, I will talk about it. Rare has made a lot of games, I do not plan on wasting your time with even more that are just the exact same as previous stuff. I want this series to be extensive, but not excessive, which I realize, is a tough balancing act, so I will not be conservative with what alternate versions of games I omit.

As of right now I have what I estimate to be about 10 minutes worth of script written. This may sound like a small amount, and it is. I am still pretty early in the process of making this. This is because I went through two previous drafts that I have since scrapped. They ultimately did not align with what I wanted for the project, but were necessary for the process of figuring out how exactly I go about making this. I wasted two months of my life on dogshit scripts and I do not regret it.

Thats about all the update I got in me at the moment. Thank you for reading all this shit, I appreciate your patienece in waiting for me to finish this stupid thing.